To Your Health Newsletter

To Your Health Newsletter

May, 2020 (Vol. 14, Issue 10)
Coronavirus Concerns: How to Enhance the Body's Resilience

Older adults are at greater risk of dying from COVID-19; just like flu and other viral infections. But which old people are at high risk … and why are some not-so-old people at high risk, too?

Eating on a Budget

How to Stay Healthy During Tough Economic Times

Disease Prevention 101

How to Reduce Your Diabetes Risk Naturally

Back Pain

Steroids for Sciatica Are More Trouble Than They're Worth

Start Them Off on the Right Foot

Four Ways to Keep Kids Moving

Roadmap to Health & Wellness

Eventually, most of us will appreciate that the past few months of "shelter in place" haven't been totally negative. Here are five health benefits of the "shutdown" that will pay dividends in the years to come.

Understanding Back Pain

There are too many people suffering from back pain and not enough understanding of the causes and potential solutions (including chiropractic). Let's try and change that by looking at the basics of back pain.

Restoring Menstrual Regularity: Just Try a Few More Calories

"Eat more calories" isn't always a popular recommendation, but it may be the right one from a health perspective, particularly for active women who experience menstrual irregularities.

Vitamin K and COVID-19

Does vitamin K, otherwise known as potassium, impact the odds you'll experience a severe complication from coronavirus exposure? Let's look at what recent research suggests.

The Power of Creatine

Implementing a diet that minimizes or eliminates meats may actually be a fatal flaw in the pursuit of optimal health and peak athletic performance beause of how it affects creatine.