Physical Therapy

Great River Spine & Sport's Physical Therapy department is currently in a transition period. We are hoping to offer Physical Therapy again in the future. 

Physical Therapy starts with a thorough evaluation. This evaluation is where you the patient will verbalize your problems, limitations and goals for improvement. The Physical Therapist will formulate with you the proper treatment options for your individualizes conditions and needs. Each plan starts with simple stretches to minimize pain and increase range of motion. As your range of motion normalizes and symptoms decrease progression into a stability program to help correct the instability and weakness and improve balance is the next step. A good majority of the patients we treat have not only pain, but issues with instability and weakness in the area of pain. Often most of us expect our bodies to perform harder tasks at home and work than our body can handle resulting in breakdown, injury and degeneration of joints over time. It is the goal of our Physical therapy team to not only educate you to the issues and a solution, but to actually take the time and teach you a simple program that you can continue at home.

Physical Therapy is usually covered by all insurance programs and Great River Spine & Sport is in network with most insurance companies. Our office will go over your benefits with you in great detail so you understand your coverage and cost. Our office is staffed with doctors that can assist you in the referral process if this is needed. Great River Spine and Sport works closely with many of the Doctors in the area and if a referral is needed from your primary doctor we can assist you in getting this referral.